Although it’s easy for some people to ride right through North San Luis Obispo County on Interstate Highway 101 and not even notice it, those of us who live here see it as a combination of rural and more urban areas, the coast, and a lot of wine and agricultural country. It’s a land that’s green right after the rains in late winter and spring, and brown as soon as the rain stops falling until it starts again.

We have lakes, a river, parks, vineyards, beaches and and local landmarks. They are contained in or outside the towns and cities. Many areas are unincorporated. Some cities and unincorporated areas have such strange boundaries it’s hard to know where you are. I live in Templeton, but my neighbor vineyard across the back fence is located in Paso Robles, as are the tasting rooms across the street. Farther West from me is Jack Creek Farm, and it’s back in Templeton. To make it easy, I’m going to call everything on Highway 46 West by that name instead of trying to put a town or city label on it.

North San Luis Obispo County has a beautiful coast along Highway 1. For purposes of helping you find things, I will include Cayucos, Cambria, and San Simeon north to the Monterey County Line in the North Coast area.

Although some people think our area is small, there is so much to see and do here that it will take some time to get all areas  of the North County represented with content. But that content will be original. It will be based on personal experience and you won’t find anything paraphrased from a guide book. This is my labor of love for the county I love.

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